Friday, November 11, 2016

An old favorite returns !

There is still demand for the original Winkeyer format. It's the cheapest way to put a WinKeyer into your shack and now it uses K1EL's latest WK3 CW IC. We are just finishing up final testing and will start kitting in about a week.

I promised two new products, the second will be posted as soon as WK3serial is finished.

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  1. About two weeks ago Steve sent me the WK3Serial kit. Took me a few days to work on it but once I started, even taking my time, the kit went together easily. Got it finished with a few substitutions that Steve included. I am not a builder but but great instructions. Have not bench tested it as of today. I have been working on an enclosure. BTW finally settled on taking apart an old computer power supply box removing the guts and the board fit perfectly. Should be great on the air. de N4NRL